Our Yale University partnership is a crucial asset to our discovery.

The goal of IHATI is always to learn, improve, and refine the delivery of care within the home. Best practices within the model evolve over time, and the Institute researches and uses the resulting data to further innovation. IHATI’s partnership with Yale University is asset in our research and development efforts, some of which can be found below.

IHAT Testimonial

"It was really quite remarkable. Four of the five participants maintained complete abstinence over the course of the year as measured by frequent, random urine toxicologies."

- Ellen Edens, Yale Medical School Professor

Clinical Studies and Published Articles

Preliminary Effectiveness

Preliminary Effectiveness of a Remotely Monitored Blood Alcohol Concentration Device as Treatment Modality.

Reduce Clinical Opiate Withdrawal

Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Field Stimulation

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of IHAT Model patients remained abstinent six months after completing In-Home Addiction Treatment.*