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In-Home Addiction Treatment Certification Program

In order for IHAT to be accessible to all those who would benefit from it, we need more IHAT practitioners. To that end, IHATI is seeking to create a national accreditation for those seeking to deliver SUD treatment within the home. In-Home Addiction Treatment Teams are specially trained in infection control procedures. That means instead of having to go away to hospitals or treatment centers and putting you at potential risk. Our clients receive one-on-one care in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Clinicians understand addiction treatment needs to be more adaptable and mobile. The IHAT Institute provides training for healthcare professionals who want to offer this innovative model
to their SUD patients.

Practitioners are trained on the disease model of addiction. Learning to meet clients where they are at utilizing motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, in-home safety and etiquette, self-care as well as team, family, and community collaboration.

IHAT Testimonial

"The IHAT Model training is an amazing foundation for evaluating and collaborating in the early stages of Recovery with a Client, then provide support services to those in any stage of Recovery. It helps you understand wellness and the integration into everyday living situations. IHAT puts the "Care" back into "Health Care" focusing on In-Home Addiction Treatment."

Rosemary Pickering, LPN, IHAT Care Provider

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