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The IHAT movement is on.

In 2013, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that of the 22.7 million Americans suffering with substance use disorder, only 2.5 million have accessed treatment. Of those who do seek treatment in a typical, 28 day in patient setting, only around 15% remain abstinent from their substance of choice one year later. There is no other industry in which those outcomes would be acceptable.

The In-Home Addiction Treatment model was founded by Steve Randazzo and Matt Eacott, in conjunction with addiction specialists at Yale. Frustrated by the addiction treatment industry, which, despite poor outcomes, seemed unwilling to innovate or change, Steve began to wonder if there might be a different way for people to heal. At home.

In-Home Addiction Treatment was developed and first delivered at Aware Recovery Care. Initially, there was a great deal of resistance to this innovative model of treatment. While IHAT treatment is currently available in multiple states, research, in conjunction with improving education about the model and the role of the practitioner within it, is necessary for this life-saving treatment to be more widely accessible to the millions of lives at risk.

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