Opening doors.

The Institute makes In-home addiction treatment more accessible by creating an accreditation which will allow providers nationwide to become trained in delivering In-Home Addiction Treatment.

As major healthcare insurance companies adopt the IHAT model in their treatment options, they are finding that IHAT lowers plan costs and allows value-based practices to share in the economies of reduced relapse, improved secondary outcomes, and lowered facility use.

IHAT is seeking to engage with policy-makers and payers about these powerful benefits of IHAT so that more individuals suffering from addiction have access to treatment where they live.

IHAT Institute Scholarships

To make IHAT care even more accessible, the Institute is offering scholarships for those with limited financial resources. Full and/or partial scholarships will be based on Health and Human Services (HHS) poverty guidelines for income and family size.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, an individual must:

Be nominated by a community-based IHAT clinician.

Meet HHS requirements for income and family size: Individuals with Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) at or less than 200% of the current year’s HHS Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible for a full scholarship. Partial scholarships are awarded based on a greater multiple of the HHS guidelines

Provide evidence of income by submitting the prior year’s Federal tax return (including W2 or 1099 forms) on which the client is declared as a dependent.

IHAT Testimonial

"In the past, I would return from treatment and fall back into the same old behaviors. The IHAT Model empowered me to be successful in my own home. It allowed me to walk through my challenges with support and enabled me to come out the other side with skills to cope with these challenges."