We A-R-E the In-Home Addiction Treatment Model That Works.

The In-Home Addiction Treatment Institute is dedicated to the progression of Accessibility, Research and Education of the In-Home Addiction Treatment (IHAT) model of care designed to provide innovative solutions for the substance use disorder population we serve.

Home is where the hope is.

In this setting, patients receive treatment in the comfort of their own home, where they can pursue a career or further their education, receive the support of their families, and achieve significantly improved outcomes without disrupting their daily lives.

This method is more effective than the traditional method of receiving treatment in a rehab center.

IHAT Institute

We will help to make the IHAT movement accessible to all who want to harness its at-home effectiveness. Continue to research emerging technologies in addiction medicine. And educate providers in best practices of the IHAT application. 

Addiction is treatable if you know what works.

Why it works.

A Yale study found that addiction is a chronic condition like diabetes or hypertension. The typical 28-day solution doesn’t give the brain time to rebalance or restore executive decision making.

How it works.

IHAT is based on a continuum of patient care including in-home withdrawal (detox), medication-assisted treatment (MAT), individual therapy, family therapy, and coordinated medical and behavioral healthcare.

The team works.

Each patient is under the care of a psychiatric professional, licensed therapist, registered nurse, licensed social worker, licensed family therapist, and two certified recovery advisors.

The family works-better.

The IHAT model includes family education sessions that offer care that will improve the prognosis for the individual and allow family members to heal together.

Join the IHAT movement

Help us make IHAT more accessible to addiction sufferers everywhere.